How to Do More In Less Time

This is a good news bad news situation. The bad news is that time flies. The good news is that you’re the pilot.

Does that make sense?

The truth is that there’ll never be enough time in a day to do all that you want to do… unless you’re not doing anything. But then you won’t be reading this.
The key to succeeding and achieving your goals will be to do as much as possible with the time that you have available to you. Every minute is precious and should not be squandered away.

Achieving balance in life is extremely difficult. You may have work commitments, family responsibilities and you’ll also need to find the time to exercise and stay healthy. It’s like a juggling act on a tightrope. You have to have laser-like focus to get to where you want to go.

Follow the 6 steps below to get as many things done in the shortest possible time.

  • Don’t let the distractions distract you

Social media, the TV, advertisements, the usual dramas in real life, etc. are all waiting to suck up your time. You do not have time to give too much attention to any of these. The occasional indulgence is fine but you will need to shut them off when you’re at work.
You need to starve your distractions and feed your focus. That’s one of the best ways to have more time to do what you need to.

  • First things first

Do the most important tasks first. People usually have it backwards. They do the less important tasks and then struggle to complete what really needs their focus.
Do what’s most important at once. Get them over and done with. Once those tasks are completed, the rest will be easily dealt with or can always be carried over to the next day.

  • Plan your day at night

All time management begins with planning. It’s always best to plan your day the night before. A plan for what needs to be done will be very helpful in helping you shut out the noise and stay focused.
It’ll be like a map to keep you on track.

  • Work in bursts

You may realize that you get most of your work done at certain times. So, plan your day in a way where you can work in bursts during times when you’re most productive. You might get a ton of stuff done from 5am to 9am. If that’s the case, then give it your all during this time.
After that you can spend some time exercising or with your family. This is especially true if you work from home.

  • Rest when you need to

Rest is underrated. With all the talk about hustling, people often think that they need to work themselves to the bone. This is unnecessary. You work faster and feel better when you are well-rested.
Take mini-breaks throughout the day. Don’t stare at the computer for hours like a zombie. Get up and move about for 5 or 10 minutes every hour. This will get your blood circulating and keep your alert. You will get more work completed.

  • Automate and outsource where you can

If you have an online business, automate whatever mundane tasks that you can. This will free up more time. If you have the cash to spare, find a good freelance or virtual assistant to handle support or other issues that do not require your attention all the time.

You’ll have time to focus on what matters which will take your business to the next level.

Apply these 6 tips and you will get more work completed and actually find more balance in life. Your work will be completed sooner; you’ll feel less exhausted and be more productive overall. Time management is life management.