How to Overcome Barriers to a Sale

When it comes to selling things to your visitors, a good way to think about your objective is in terms of ‘barriers to sale’.
Of course, you need to make sure that your visitors are interested in what you’re selling, that they know what it is and that they think it’s worth the money. But even at this stage, you might find they still don’t buy from you. In that case, the likelihood is that they’re psychologically blocked from buying by something that put them off of the idea.

These are your barriers to sale. And at this point, these are all that is between you and a new customer! So what are these barriers and how do you break them down?

The first barrier to sale is trust. That means that you need to make sure your buyer trusts you enough to buy from you and trusts your website as well so that they know their details aren’t going to get lost in the clouds. Buying from brands online can be nerve wracking because we have no way of guaranteeing they’re really going to send us the products.
So how do you overcome this? One option is to show social proof with customer reviews. Also important is to make sure your site looks as professional as possible so that there’s no question as to whether you’re a professional outfit.

Also standing in your way is the effort of buying. That is to say that people hate having to input their details and go through the process of getting out their debit card and this can be enough to put them off buying something they want! The solution is to make sure you’re making it as easy as possible for them. One of the best ways to do that is to use a well-known payment gateway – like PayPal!

Buyers’ Remorse
Buyers’ remorse is the guilt that someone often feels upon buying – and the guilt they anticipate to feel prior to making that purchase. You need to mitigate this and one way to do that is to demonstrate that your product is an investment in some way, or that it will make life genuinely better.

There is still always risk with a product. For example, it might just not be as good as it looks on your website! To overcome this, one thing you can do is to offer a full money back guarantee. In reality, few people are likely to use it. Simply having it there though will usually be enough to make them much more likely to buy from you!